Vortrag beim 1st European Business Analysis Day in Frankfurt am Main


Titel: “You cannot not design UX: A three-step mitigation plan for BA’s

Konferenz: 1st European Business Analysis Day
Am: 18.05.2018
Um: 11.15 Uhr
Ort: Mercure Hotel Frankfurt/Eschborn Helfman Park, Germany


Paul Watzlawick, a famous psychologist and communication theorist, once said: “You cannot not communicate!” The same accounts for a user’s experience. You cannot not design user experience (UX)! Your final product or service is always going to create one. Yet, its design either happens intentionally or by accident – with the results coming across accordingly. In many cases, especially when dedicated UX personnel is absent, business analysts (BA) happen to be the UX designer by default often without even realizing it. Their natural focus is the business need where users and their needs are not always part of the picture. The results range from tremendous amounts of user errors to users protesting or refusing to work with a newly implemented system. UX even has a perceivable Return-on-Invest (ROI) which should be part of your business case – so why not making it part of the picture? Weiterlesen